Wet Ones® products are sold nationally in most grocery, drug and mass chains like Walmart, Target , Kroger, Walgreens, etc., as well as online.


Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes kill 99.99% of germs and remove dirt from hands when soap and water are not available.

Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes are just as effective as gel hand sanitizers in killing 99.99% of germs, but they clean better than hand sanitizer gels by wiping away dirt and messes. They are also hypoallergenic and won't irritate skin. Since they are not a liquid, Wet Ones® Singles and Travel Packs can be carried through airport security.

The active ingredient in Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes is Benzethonium Chloride 0.3%, which is used as an antibacterial agent to decrease bacteria on hands.

Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes contain alcohol, but are not alcohol based so they do not dry out skin.

Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes are designed to kill bacteria on hands.

Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes should be used to clean hands whenever soap and water are not available. For instance:

School - Pack in backpacks for use on the playground, at lunch, or on the bus.
Travel - Use during or after plane, bus or train travel and to avoid the hassle of liquid gels at airport security.
Shopping- Keep in your car to clean up after touching money, public door handles or pumping gas.
Work - Carry in your purse or briefcase for use after coming in contact with banisters, elevators, escalators
and mass transit.
Socializing - Keep in your bag or purse for use after shaking hands or touching communal objects.

For more ideas, read 99 Reasons It's Always the Season for Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes.

Pull up the small cap and use the strap to remove entire lid. Insert the triangular threading loop through the slits in the cap. Do Not Push Your Finger Through the Opening. Thread the first sheet in the center of the roll through the loop and replace lid. Pull loop back through the slits. Pull each sheet up and slightly to the side.

The shelf life of our products is 2 years from the date of manufacture. The expiration dates for our antibacterial products can be found on the side of the canister or back of any travel pack or individual single packette.

You cannot add water to a dry Wet Ones® Hand Wipe for re-use.